Wedding Ceremonies that I offer include:
Personalised Weddings    ** Most Popular **

Modern Personalised Wedding Ceremonies written about you and your partner and your unique love story.  Unlimited Guests.

Short & Sweet Ceremony

This short, sweet and simple pre written ceremony is perfect for any couple and you can even personalise it with your own vows! Max 20 Guests.


When all that matters is the two of you and a hidden destination.

Registry Style

Perfect for the couple who love one another but just want the paperwork to make it official. Max 10 Guests.


What’s Included?

Other than ME getting you married!

Personalised Ceremonies
  • A complete unique ceremony tailored just for you.
  • As much input into your ceremony structure and content as you want.
Support & Advice
  • Access to my personal contact details and I’m available anytime to help answer any questions and offer advice and support.
  • Upon booking me I will provide you with a copy of my Ceremony Resource Book that is full of ideas and inspiration for the big celebration.
  • Unlimited meetings so we make sure we get the day perfect for you!
Rehearsal – If you would like one
  • An onsite rehearsal to make sure everyone knows their specific roles within the ceremony. This is not compulsory but can help settle most nerves.
PA System & Extras
  • The use of my wireless professional PA System for any music required.
Legal Stuff
  • Lodging of all the necessary legal requirements and applying for your official marriage certificate on your behalf through Births Deaths and Marriages.
And ME!
  • Early arrival, performance of the ceremony and officiating on your special day!
  • On the day I will dress to suit the dress code of the ceremony and blend in with guests (or the bridal party).
  • Your ceremony will be the only ceremony that I will perform that day and you will have my undivided attention.

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Getting Married! What’s the process?
1) Contact me

Contact me to find out if I am available for your wedding date. I will reply with details about my services and provide you with a quote for getting married!

2) First meeting

We meet (usually in person over a coffee/beer) and from here we start the planning process by completing the Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) form.  This needs to be done no later than 1 month before the wedding date and no earlier than 18 Months before the Wedding.

Please note that the marriage cannot take place until one month and one day after the date I receive the Notice of Intention to Marry form from you.

To be able to complete this form I’ll ask you to bring along with you original copies of the following to be used of identification purposes.

  • ​Photo Identification – Passport or Drivers License.
  • Proof of date and place of birth – Birth Certificate or Passport.
  • If either party has been previously married original copies of divorce paper or death certificate.

I’ll also take the time to explain to you what is legally required within the ceremony and what other legal components need to be completed throughout the wedding planning process.

The fun stuff

Next step we have a chat about the two of you, what type of wedding you want, duration, atmosphere and overall ambiance you want to create. Once we finish I’ll send you home with my “If you can complete this together then you are definitely ready for marriage!” Questionnaire. By answering this it gives me some insider information about the two of you and your relationship together.  I’ll also provide you with access to my Wedding Resource Book that has a magnitude of ideas and inspiration for what you might like to include in your wedding ceremony. (EG poems, wordings, music selections etc). And remember the sky is the limit on creativity!

3) Draft ceremony

With all the information that you have provided me I create a one of a kind ceremony, written about you and your partner and your unique love story. I provide you with a draft and ask you to provide feedback and we work together to make sure the ceremony is exactly what you want. I can even organise a few surprises for you!

4) Vows

Once you are happy with your ceremony the next job is getting your vows sorted. I provide you with a hug range of vows to choose from and or inspire you. If you would like to write your own I have a template to help guide you and get your creative juices flowing.

Writing vows can be a challenge for some but I’m right here to help offer advice, guide and support you to make sure you get them perfect for your special day.

5) Rehearsal – If you would like one!

Now a rehearsal is not a necessity but I feel it works great at settling any nerves! Usually done in the lead up to the big day at the same time and location the ceremony would normally take place. This allows me and your photographer (if they are available) to look at the overall location in regards to logistics and check any shadows or obstructions.

It’s a fun time for me to meet the rest of your attendants and we can logistically walk through the wedding ceremony process ensuring everyone knows exactly what their role is on the day. (But don’t worry we won’t be actually performing the ceremony we can keep that a surprise for the guests on the day).

We will also take the time to complete the Declaration of No Legal Impediment to Marriage form that needs to be completed as close to the wedding date as possible.

6) Wedding-time!

I will arrive at least 40 minutes early, in order to sound check, greet guests and cast a girl’s eye over everything; the attendants buttonholes, layout and so on. I’ll introduce myself to anyone doing a reading and set them at ease. I’ll speak with musicians or coordinators about music cues. I’ll make sure the rings are there and greet your guests and troubleshoot any issues before your partner arrives.

As the ceremony begins, it is my role to guide you both through the ceremony, the signing of the legal certificates, and finally present you to your family and friends as newlyweds! (Woohoo!)

You don’t need to invite me to stay. I usually leave after you and your attendants have had time to get congratulations from your family and friends and are heading off to get photos taken and your guests are venturing to the reception. (And after a Celebrant Selfie of course!)

7) Post-wedding

After the big day I’ll lodge your marriage with the Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages (NSW weddings) and I will also obtain your official marriage certificate on your behalf (this is included in my fees). Once it arrives ill pass it onto you along with my “how to change your name after marriage” information kit.

Wedding Reviews

Wedding Review 1“We went to Anka wanting our wedding to be something unique and that represented us. She went above and beyond to make that happen. Anka had the best ideas that just made our day so perfect for us. She was sooo much fun to work with and nothing was ever an issue. We will forever be grateful how special and fun she made our day! ❤️❤️❤️ ” Mrs Kennedy

Wedding Review 2

“A big shoutout to Anka McMahon Celebrant of Celebrations for helping us create such a wonderful day! Thanks for helping us sort out what we wanted, giving us more inspiration and making the ceremony both personal and fun. Everything flowed so smoothly and having you there made everything much more special 🥰” Mrs Woodward

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